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Time to give a new look $$$

It important to have healthy nails. The color of your nails is an indicator of your general health. your nails are a part of your body too so you must take good care of them. Here are a few tips on
Healthy nails are transparent and look pink in color as a result of the blood beneath them. If you wear nail polish on a regular basis then, take them off for a day or two every week, in order to let your nails breath.Add shine to your nails by massaging coconut oil or warm castor oil on to them. If you do not like nail polish then apply dry soap to your nail and buff or use lemon peel for a similar result. Dip a cotton-tipped swab in hydrogen peroxide to clean under the nails and whiten them. Before giving yourself a manicure dip your nails in a cup of warm water with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Put your fingertips in half a lemon and twist your finger back and forth to clean the cuticles and nails.
1. Here's the best bet to setting your lip colour. No matter what the texture of your lipstick is always apply lip balm first to soften and smoothen the skin. If your lips are chapped apply some Vaseline and softly rub your lips with a soft muslin cloth to remove dead skin leaving your lips looking healthier
2. The first step to a fashionable mouth is to define your lipline, if you want to make your lips appear smaller use colours like dark berry or chocolate shades which make lips look thinner also apply the liner on the inner boundary of your natural line. On the contrary if you want a
more fuller look recreate your lipline slightly above your natural line and use a sheeny or sheer moisturising lip stick in warm coal, rosy pink or a bronzed caramel tone. Make even more of your mouth by applying little gloss in the middle of your lower lip.

3. After a proper definition apply your lipstick with a lip brush this gives a more even and lasting look to the lipstick, then blot with a tissue. You can dust some powder through a single ply tissue to achieve a sophisticated matte look or reapply another coat of lipstick for intense colour.
4. If you always land up with lipstick on your teeth than simply put your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and slowly pull it out of your mouth. The residue will stick to your finger.
5. The new -look of glossy shimmering lips can be achieved easily by applying a gloss that matches your lipstick colour so it enhances the actual tone as well as add shine. Or think of updating a tired browny lipstick with a lick of shiny gold shimmer- it's instant sun-kissed splendor on your lips.
6. You can also choose a nude shade close to your own skin colouring and apply carefully with a brush all the way to the edges of the lipline and add a new dimension with a touch of sheer gloss for a striking effect for day and night.
7. You can also opt for one of the most versatile, classic and ageless colour red. By tapping your ring finger onto your red lipstick and apply them to your lips by dotting on the colour and then spreading it . Apply sheer gloss to add a touch of class. You can also decrease the voltage of red by applying a nude/natural lipstick as base colour.
General Tips for Lips
Apply cold cream or moisturizer or lip balm before applying lipstick.-To get natural pink lips apply beet root juice before bed.-Grind rose petals and apply on lips to get smooth pink lips-If you have thinner lips use more neutral lip color.-If you want different shade of lip color mix two or three lipstick colors together and use
as new lip color.-If your face is bumpy, irritate or ruddy, or rash don’t use true red color, till you get normal skin.
Red will show more attention on the skin.Pale shades makes lip look fuller. -Apply menthol based lip balm and take an old brush and brush gently on lips

( don’t rub too hard, because lip are very sensitive) to get rid off chapped lips.
Your feet carry the weight of your entire body and if often one of the most abused and least cared for parts of your body.

Foot care is very important in order to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. The skin on your feet is very delicate and foot skin care on a regular basis is a must if your feet are to look beautiful. Given below is a foot care routine, that is simple and is not time consuming and that you can follow a few times a week.
The first step to good foot care is to remove the hard skin from your feet.

You may have to use a pumice stone or apply cream generously on the area in order to remove the dead foot skin. Soak your feet in a bowl of slightly hot water. This will soften the dirt and the dead skin, which will allow you to remove it easily. You could use a foot file as well, rub your skin gently and rinse off the flaky residue.
After this soak your feet for about 10 min in a bowl of warm water. Add some mineral salts or palm sea salts, along with a few drops of lavender essential oils that will relieve the aches and reduce the swelling. Dry your feet, especially between your toes. Trim the nails of your toes by cutting straight across the tip. Shape the corners with an emery board.
Massage your feet with rich foot skin cream. Cup your hands on either side of your foot and Gently massage the anklebone in a circular motion to remove any stiffness in the ankle.

Remove the extra cream from your nails. Then place cotton wool tufts in-between your toes to keep them apart.
First apply a base coat of nail polish and then apply a second coat if required. When you apply nail polish, begin from the middle of the nail with one quick stroke and then work outwards.
Wait for ½ an hour before wearing your shoes.
Follow this foot skin care routine a few times a week and you will have lovely looking feet.

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