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Look life in your eyes

The eyes are the part of the face we notice first. This is why it's important to make sure that your eyes look their best when attending to your makeup and care routine. Following are some great beauty tips for your eyes, no matter who you are.

Eye Shadow !
Eye shadow is meant to highlight and define the eyes. Eye shadow is used to create depth to bring out the beauty of the eyes. A dark color used on the lid will make the eye appear smaller, while a lighter color will make it appear larger. That is what eye shadow is about - creating illusions. These are the basic techniques for the following eye shapes:
Small eyes:
Don't use too much shadow or liner – it will make you eyes look smaller. Apply a light color on eyelid, use a darker color in the crease and use a highlighter under the brow. Large eyes: Wear darker shadow on the lid and extend it to the crease. Use a flat color under the brow to highlight. Deep-set eyes: Use light colors on the eyelid and under the brow. Use a medium color in the crease. Emphasize the outer corners with shadow.
Wide-set eyes:
Use darker colors on the inner corners of the eye.
Hooded eyes:
Apply light colors on the lid. Use darker colors from the center of the eyelid to the outer corners and blend.
Round eyes:
Make round eyes longer by using color all around and extending toward the outer corners.
Oriental eyes:
Apply highlighter under the brow. Use light shadow on the inner half of the lid and a darker color on the outer half.
Light colors cause the eyes to open, dark colors will cause the eyes to recede .
If you have very light skin avoid dark shades .


* First of all you decide that you want to do simple make up or party make up. After this make the decision of dry or wet make up.
* After doing the whole face make up than there will be the turn of eyes. Give preference to water proof or water soluble mascara. For removing the water soluble mascara there is no need of make up remover, whereas for removing the water proof mascara you have to rub the eyes little bit which will cause wrinkles on face. Water proof mascara is good for athletes and swimmers.
*If you are interested in applying colorful mascara than the color of mascara should be according to the color of hair.

*Mascara can be applied according to different dresses, but avoid applying colorful mascara at work place. If you want to give glamorous look in the evening, than show your creativity to colored mascara definitely. This experiment will be perfect.
* Mascara brushes are also used differently. Straight brushes should be used at the corner of eyelids whereas curved brush is good for single touch.

How To Apply Eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner should only be used above the top lashes. It is best to use a pencil or eyeshadow under the lower lashes. For a more dramatic look, use a colored kohl pencil above and below lashes and follow with a black liquid liner on the top. It will make your lashes appear darker and will stay on all day. A dark eye-liner highlights the shape of your eyes and deepens the look. Softly line with eyeliner pencil, draw a thin line along lashes lashes next to roots .
For a dramatic look, lightly dot color along the lower lashes. For softness, line can be smudged with fingertip or Q-tip. Colosé´s Eyeliner pencils are soft, flexible and easy to use.

Eyeliner Tips
Eyeliner should be applied close to the base of the eyelashes. Products vary from cake to liquid liner to pencil. Practice makes perfect in achieving a fine line. Pencil liners can be used above top lashes and under lower lashes. Liquid liners should only be used on the top lid.A liquid eyeliner that you use with a fine brush will stay on the best. If you don´t feel adept at this, pencils work well also. Pencils can be smudged for a subtle look. Always hold your head back, look down into the mirror, and apply your eyeliner. This will keep your eyelid skin tight and you can make a smooth line. Don´t apply eyeliner in a thick line. It looks harsh and makes the eye appear heavy and tired. Get out of the 60´s and instead use a fine line. If you have trouble, use a brush to blend and smooth it out. To enhance deep-set eyes line both the upper and lower lids, then choose light eye shadows such as pale pink, peach or beige.Here's how to minimize the chances of makeup irritating your eyes when you're wearing your lenses. Apply your make-up after inserting your lenses. You must use waterproof eye make-up and it must be hypo-allergenic. Do not apply eyeliner to the inner edge of the lid or above the lash line on the lower lid.Eyebrow
Threading, indian salon eyebrow threading tips

Eyebrow Threading is a very quick and effective, traditionally Indian and Middle Eastern, way of getting rid of rows of unwanted hair, but it is catching on in the West too. Threading method is also known as the “fatlah” or “khite”. It is done by twisting a thread to pull or cut hair. Redness and swelling is normal and subsides in an hour. Threading involves the beautician to make a loop with a thread and then twirl it 2-3 times. Beautician holds one end of the cotton thread in his or her teeth and the other in the left hand when applied with light pressure on the area of unwanted hair growth removes hair efficiently.
Eyebrow Threading is the best method to shape eyebrows and to remove fine facial hair. The best thing about eyebrow threading is that hair can be removed from the exact spot and desired shape for eyebrows c can be achieved.
How Eyebrow Threading Works
Threading is done on Eyebrows and upper lip hair. The therapist uses a piece of taut twisted thread to pull out the hair. It is no more painful than tweezing and is faster. Eyebrows threading is done in usually every 2-3 weeks. Trained aestheticians roll a considerable length of thread over the skin.
Advantages of Eyebrow Threading
Inexpensive, fast, neat, considered less painful than plucking. Threading gives best results when performed by a beautician you trust and knows exactly how you want them.Eyebrow Threading is more thorough as compared to waxing, in taking off individual hair strands. This is a good method for eyebrows and facial hair removal.

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