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The 10-Minute Herbal Shampoo Recipe

The 10-minute Herbal Shampoo Recipe

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To make herbal shampoo, you will need:

1 bottle of baby shampoo
1 empty shampoo bottle
herbs (loose or tea bags-- see chart )
1. Divide shampoo between two bottles.
2. Place herbs in a small saucepan. Pour in just enough water to cover them. Boil 3 minutes.
3. Allow herbs to steep for 20 minutes.
4. Place a cotton towel or a piece of cheesecloth over a mug or small bowl. Pour herb and water mixture through towel to strain.
5. Pour half of the herbal water into each shampoo bottle, and gently stir to mix contents. Voila!
Below is a short list of herbs and oils for various hair types. of course, there are many more options. Choose the smells you enjoy, then do some easy web research to find out if those herbs are right for you hair type.
Normal Hair
Oils: Orange, Lavender, or Geranium Essential oils. Jasmine or coconut.
Oily Hair
Herbs: Basil, peppermint.
Oils:Cedarwood, cypress, lemon, lemongrass, sage and patchouli.
Dry /Damaged Hair
Herbs: Burdock, calendula, chamomile ( tea bags will do), thyme.
Oils: Jojoba,rose geranium, lavender, rose, rosemary, cedarwood and sandalwood. Jasmine.

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